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When food particles are left in your mouth, there is the potential for them to cause staining, especially dark ones. Chewing sugar-free gum is an excellent way to prevent the occurrence of stains. As you have just read about in the above article, you shouldn’t have a bad look, because your teeth are not the whitest they can be. When you start applying the tips laid out in this article, you’ll gain the confidence to smile much more often. Stop using mouthwash. In fact, if you’re struggling to keep your teeth white, you may want to quit using it. There are a lot of chemicals in most mouthwashes. These chemicals can cause your teeth to become discolored. To quickly create an appearance of white teeth, try eating an apple! Apples and other kinds of foods that crunch are abrasive, and therefore help clean teeth without harming the enamel.

Drinking through a straw can minimize tooth staining from beverages. A straw whitens teeth by decreasing the amount of time it takes your beverage to stain the teeth. Instead, the liquid makes a shortcut to your esophagus, sparing your teeth any additional staining from your drink.

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